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WHS – Steve Dawe -December

Merry Christmas All

OHS around the stations are continuing to improve and as a whole this year it has been very pleasing to see us continue to maintain and influence changes around the stations.

Training for 2016 has concluded with round 6 for the Northern Zone hosted at Dysart Station whilst the Southern Zone visited Oaky North Mine. We utilised a different approach to the training for round 6 where team members were able to complete a level 4 emergency desktop based scenario in teams to plan for and deploy under CABA into the affected mine. The outcomes from the desktop scenario became the run for the day culminating in most cases in ways to deal with a heating. Using the QMRS guidelines and the CABA control charts was a good lead in for the day and the scenario gave team members opportunities to table and discuss a wide range of topics including map reading, scale, ventilation, gas makes, blood saturations as well as mining methods directly and indirectly relevant to the scenario. Feedback from team members was on a whole positive and reflects a step change in the way training will be conducted at QMRS. All members gained something of value from these sessions regardless of how much mining and rescue experience they have. It was great to see the more experienced guys taking the time to coach and mentor the newer team members during the round.

Round 1 for 2017 will be hosted at each station respectively and will cover Fire Fighting principles, extinguishment and equipment necessary for fighting various fires. It’s going to be scorching Central Queensland weather early in the year so make sure you prepare and hydrate accordingly prior to and whilst at training. Looking forward to seeing you there!

The staff at QMRS have finally completed their 2016 health program and we now have a good snapshot for employee health goals moving into 2017. The staff profile here shares commonalities with the Australian population as a whole so next time you visit the station or see one of the staff out at your respective mine site feel free to come and have a chat about some of the progress the staff are making towards improving their overall health and well-being. Leading into 2017 I’m sure there will be some New Year resolutions made around these topics as well.

Well done to all the teams that participated in the Competitions this year with the extra preparation and training that each team puts into these events only strengthens the skill level and confidence that each of these team members takes back to the mine site.

I hope you have all enjoyed the training in 2016 and for those travelling for work or holidays during the festive break please travel safe and have a Merry Christmas!

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