Team Member Representative – Shaun Dando – December Update

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Team Member Representative – Shaun Dando – December Update

The QMRS AGM and quarterly Board of Directors meeting was held in Dysart in early November. With Mick Madden stepping down from the Chairman’s position, Peter Baker was elected as a Director and Brett Garland appointed as our new Chairman. I wish to acknowledge and thank Mick for his guidance throughout my time on the Board. I have appreciated his experience and counsel as I continue to learn the role and responsibilities of a Director.

With 2016 rapidly drawing to a close, I wish to take the opportunity to congratulate all those personnel who have succeeded in joining QMRS as team members throughout the year either as Underground, Inertisation or Emergency Response team members. To those who have maintained their active team member status, or been involved with improving our capability and organisation, thank you for your commitment.

As Mines Rescue personnel we are trained to respond to emergency situations, but do not underestimate how significant an impact we can have in our workplaces in preventing or reducing the escalation of incidents. We must all continue to be vigilant, committed and prepared.
QMRS team members recognised during the year for significant service to Mines Rescue were as follows:

 10 Years  15 Years  20 Years  30 Years
 Richard Borg  Jonathon Borg  Michael Farrag  Stephen Reed
 Lee Brunker  Shannon Doherty
 Boyd Buschmann  Raymond Smith
 Kenneth Dougan
 Brock Heumiller
 David Hicks
 Matthew Jewell
 Benjamin Lang
 Leith Luckel
 Giuseppe Martorana
 Jason O’Connor
 Nila Suluvale-Aiofaiva
 Brenden Warren
 George Willett

On a slightly different tack, in a recent conversation with a coal mine worker he made the observation that in his few years as a miner he had been fortunate to meet a number of inspiring individuals. They have been willing to share information, knowledge and experiences, so that he and others do not have to repeat the mistakes of the past. He remarked that each of these individuals usually had a story to tell as to why they were so passionate. Unfortunately, the reasons were generally because they had been involved in, or knew of, the tragic or catastrophic results of incidents in our industry.

There are many stories walking around on our mine sites, and we must take the time to listen and apply those lessons. Whilst we are unable to change the past, we can definitely influence the future!

Please be safe this Christmas, appreciate your family and friends and for those among us that are facing challenges at present, our thoughts are with you.

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