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  • Mines Rescue Service

Mines Rescue is the specialised job of rescuing miners and others who have become trapped or injured, and combating fires and other emergencies in underground mines. Mine rescue teams are trained and equipped to deal with a wide range of hazards and situations including fires, explosions, rockfalls, toxic gases, influx of water, and injuries.

QMRS provide expertise in assisting the mining industry to manage risk and ensure safety in underground and surface mining.

Queensland Mines Rescue Service – Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide leading edge emergency response capability within the mining industry.

Queensland Mines Rescue Service – Our Vision

QMRS drive and influence improved emergency preparedness and management through

  • Strong bonds with industry partners
  • Leadership in the provision of mines rescue services
  • Innovative facilities
  • Utilisation of advanced technology systems
  • Recognition as specialists in mines rescue and inertisation.

Queensland Mines Rescue Service – Our Mission

To serve the mining industry by imparting the knowledge and leadership to give people the confidence to make a difference.

Queensland Mines Rescue Service – Our Values

Safety:  No Compromise.
Courage:  To lead and be better than before.
Ethical:  Always act with high personal standards and integrity.
Mateship:  Always there when needed.