Since out last newsletter, the GAG team has completed another stage of the commissioning of our General Electric engine. The automation is now complete and testing carried out confirms it is working well. The engine is considerably different to our old engines and will take quite a bit of getting used to. The engine shows a number of different characteristics as it proceeds through the rev range.

Our new afterburner however, will need some modification to the flame stabiliser rings and fuel nozzles before it can be run again and we are aiming for this to occur mid next year.

Inertisation Operations Manager

A second Inertisation Team Recruit Training Program (New Recruit Course) was conducted in early December with the first operators coming through from Grosvenor Mine (3), 1 from Oaky North and 1 from North Goonyella.

Our annual Inertisation workshop was conducted in late November with excellent attendance from all mines. We had very informative discussions with personnel from Coregas on the use of liquid nitrogen and covered a number of engine maintenance topics.

Best wishes to everyone, have a safe and wet Christmas.