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Queensland Mines Rescue Service (QMRS) provides expertise in assisting the mining industry to manage risk and ensure safety in underground and surface mining.

Mines rescue is the specialised job of rescuing trapped and injured miners and others; combating fires; and responding to other mine emergencies. Mines rescue teams are highly trained and well equipped to deal with a wide range of hazards and situations including fires, explosions, rockfalls, toxic gases, influx of water, and injuries.

About us

Learn all about The Queensland Mines Rescue Service. Discover it's history. Read about our current projects and meet the QMRS team, our Board of Directors and QMRS personnel.


With QMRS training you will join a select group of highly-trained emergency response team professionals dedicated to ensuring our miners always have a competent rescue team.

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Qld Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference

This Conference continues to be one of the largest health and safety conferences in the southern hemisphere where we provide organisations and individuals with valuable and leading practice information on the critical issues.


Simtars offer key services that deliver improved health and safety outcomes for your workplace. With over 25 year's experience, Simtars specialises in the continuous improvement of solutions for resource industry clients.

Mine accidents

Mining accidents and disasters are most often preventable. It is tragic that lessons from previous events could be forgotten or ignored.


Courses currently offered include: